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Sometimes it an be hard to figure out what information on social media sites comes from reliable and credible sources.  Just because something sounds true does not mean it is.  Here is a list of hints to help you decide what to trust when you are scrolling through your news feed!

  • Journals that feature respected authors who are well-known in their specific fields are great.
  • Websites from credible institutions like Mayo Clinic, Department of Justice, and University-affiliated institutions give reliable information.
  • Materials published in the last ten years (when more recent information is available).
  • Websites: The more information available, the more credible the website. There is a specific author, the audience is clear, the purpose is informative, but not biased, and the information is regularly updated.
  • Also look for websites ending in .edu, .gov or .org (For example,

(Appalachian State University Writing Center)

Do you have any other helpful hints?  Please share with us!

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