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Stop, Breathe, Think

  We most likely have all heard about the benefits of walking throughout the day. However, do you know about the importance of paying attention to your breath during the day?  This is something...


How to Help

  Sometimes we see our friends or family post about their feelings on social media. If you see that someone you care about is feeling upset, try sending them a nice message! Letting someone know...


Happy Songs

Here’s a website that ranks the top 20 happiest songs of all time! If you’re ever having a bad day, take a second to check these out! Listening to music is a great way...


Staying Active

We all know how easy it is to get distracted by social media! I can think of times, myself, where I’ve spent way too much time looking at posts when I could have been...


Credible Sources

Sometimes it an be hard to figure out what information on social media sites comes from reliable and credible sources.  Just because something sounds true does not mean it is.  Here is a list...


What Depression Really Looks Like

  An awesome article by Buzzfeed was published about what depression actually looks like. We think it’s important to understand that depression is a universal thing, meaning that it can affect ANYONE. Often, depression...

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This is a great song to listen to when you’re feeling down! Check it out!


Positive Ways to Use Social Media

  We tend to always hear about the negative aspects of social media, but sometimes, it has the power to make the world a better place- IF you use it correctly! Although social media can be...