The Art of Stillness


Have you ever taken time to unplug? To step away from the screen? Would you consider a day without screens? It may be hard to image with smartphones and social media being around us all the time. However, it often feels great to put all your devices away and take a break.

Perhaps social media is overwhelming for you at times, I know it can be for me and purposefully setting aside time to not be with my device is important. Have you considered doing this for yourself or with friends? Do you ever feel worried that you might miss out on something?

Screens often provide convenience and ease for our lives. However, we can become “addicted” and rely on them too much. Do you think it’s possible for you to have a day without screens? If you’ve tried this before, what was your experience? If you want to try, check out how to fast from social media

Firefly ★

I like to do coloring pages, yoga, and running to help me with my mental health.

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