My Mental Health is Getting Worse, What Can I do About it?

I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs with my mental health, and have been coping with depression and anxiety for about a decade now. In the last month, I’ve noticed a big decline in my mental health and am trying to make my way back uphill to a place where I have routine and mental wellness.

So far I’ve been trying to slowly rebuild my sleep schedule (I’ve been oversleeping) by not drinking too much caffeine or drinking caffeine late in the day, going to bed at a consistent time, and not snoozing my alarm. I’m also getting back into my gym routine since exercise is a huge de-stressor for me. I’ve been staying connected with friends, making sure to text and check in with people and let them know how I’m honestly doing. I’ve gotten back into a routine where I journal every day, meal prep and cook for myself, and go for walks with my dog at the same time each day.

I’m a student so I also have schoolwork to accomplish. I’ve been really overwhelmed by all the tasks on my to do list, so I’ve sat down and broken down the large daunting tasks into smaller and more manageable ones.

Some days are still hard, and I remind myself it’s okay that I don’t check everything off that list today. On those days I remember to stay hydrated, take a bath, go for a walk outside, and trust that it’s just a bad day and not every day will be bad. I try to remember things I have to look forward to like an upcoming trip, concert, or hang out with friends.

We all have seasons when our mental health can take a turn for the worse, but it’s just a season and it will pass. 

What helps you reset when your mental health isn’t where you want it to be?

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