Chrono-nutrition: What is it? And How it can Help You!

Chrono-nutrition is an emerging field of study within nutrition. This field essentially studies eating meals according to your circadian rhythm. Studies have shown timing your meals and snacks times around your biological clock is proven to be beneficial.
For instance, eating irregularly can throw off your biological clock, which can affect your sleep quality. A study conducted on young adults found that young adults, who ate within three hours of bedtime were more likely to be awake overnight.
Occasional late-night eating that typically involves sugary foods or skipping breakfast can turn into habits that can negatively impact your health, such as unwanted weight gain or diabetes.

To avoid hunger pangs or overeating, prioritize eating at consistent times during the day. This can help you feeling more energized throughout the day. and sleeping better at the end of your day.

The following ideas below can help with consistent eating schedule:
-setting a regular sleep schedule
-limiting caffeine consumption
-not skipping meals
-limiting sugary food intake
– avoid eating meals close to bed time

What are some tips and strategies you follow to  be more energized throughout the day and sleep better?

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