Mental Health America

Recently while doing some research both for school and my own personal curiosity, I stumbled onto the website for Mental Health America. I was interested in looking for different mental health questionnaires and screenings.

I think this website was a great resource to stumble on. It has multiple different mental health questionnaires including ones for depression, PTSD, eating disorders and anxiety. I took a few of these questionnaires myself because I like to gauge how I am doing mentally, especially with my anxiety being at an all-time high right now with a lot of different things going on. I was surprised by my results and it made me reflect a little bit more about how I am coping with my anxiety and stress.

I would encourage anyone who is even a little bit curious to go to this website and take some of the screening tests, whether you have been diagnosed or not. It always helps to self-reflect and be aware of how you are feeling.

One of the other great things about this website is that it provides so many great resources about mental health and where to go in times of need or crisis. They have some great DIY resources including games, informative posts and even a place where you can sign up for daily text messages with mental health support.

I would recommend taking a look at this website and playing around. It helped me gain a lot of insight towards myself and other resources to deal with how I’m feeling!

What websites have you explored to learn more about your mental health? Did you do this before your diagnosis (if you have been diagnosed)? What research have you done after you’ve been diagnosed? Have you ever used screeners for mental health?

Photo credits: Mental Health America

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