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    I admittedly struggle to gain access to resources that show a list of therapists in the area near me that accept my insurance or are within my price range. Every time I find one that is perfect, they’re fully booked.

    My main question is — does anyone know of a good website where I can find individual or group therapy sessions and enter search…[Read more]

  • I got rid of all my social media (except snapchat) two years ago. This really helped with my body image issues and the constant need to compare myself to others I saw online. Instagram in particular, at least in my opinion, is a very damaging site. People only ever share the most glamorized, amazing photos that are never representative of who they…[Read more]

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    I realize that medicine is a great tool and it works absolute wonders for some people. In my experience, I have unfortunately been misdiagnosed with different mental health conditions, which further leads to the wrong medicines being prescribed. For a good 3 years, I was taking antidepressants for co-occuring anxiety/depression when it turned out…[Read more]

  • My one side of the family has a good bit of mental health issues. My great grandfather dealt with depression and addiction, my uncle deals with schizophrenia and addiction, and my father has bipolar 1; I also have bipolar 1. My other side of the family has issues with anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, and ADHD. Asking about our family history made me…[Read more]

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