Summer Reading List 2018


The New York Public Library has iconic statues of lions on its steps.

Summer is finally here, and for many this may mean months of sleeping late, hanging out with friends, vacationing, and continuous streaming of movies and television shows. However, it can also mean finding a good book (or two) to read!

Did you know there are some good reasons why reading paper books is nicer than reading anything electronically? One important reason: if you read a paper book, you’ll probably remember more. One study found that people who read stories in paper books are more likely to remember the events in the story than they are if they read an e-book.

It’s true that paper books use trees and they’re more expensive than e-books, but that’s a great reason to use your public library!

So we have put together a set of links to lists of suggested books to try reading this summer.  We encourage you to find the time to sit down with a good book and turn off all electronic devices.

The Ultimate YA Summer Reading List—2018 Edition

Barnes & Noble’s Teens & YA Summer Reading List

The New York Public Library’s 2018 Teen Summer Reading Book List

Publishers Weekly’s Best YA Summer Books of 2018

What are some of the best books you’ve ever read? Share your own list with us in the comments!

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