App Review: Self-Help for Anxiety Management

Are you interested in creating a day-to-day multidimensional picture of what your anxiety looks like and how to manage it?

Check out the free app called “Self-Help for Anxiety Management”—or, the SAM app. It’s a relatively new app that gives you all kinds of ways to measure your anxiety and work with modalities that help you reduce it.

samIts graphic interface looks cool, as well! Little slider buttons help you measure feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, and your desire to avoid things you fear.

These help you understand whether you’re someone who experiences anxiety more as feelings that interfere with your functioning, or as worrying thoughts, or as sensations in your body.

You can upload self-help tools to a “toolkit” to help you manage these different manifestations of anxiety.

SAM is backed by a research team at the University of West England in Bristol, England. It’s top-rated on iTunes and Android, and also on some health-related websites that track helpful apps.

What apps do you use to monitor and ease your anxiety or depression? Let us know—or become one of our blogging ambassadors and review some apps for our readers!

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