An Interview with the Makers of Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie

I first saw Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie at the International OCD Foundation Conference in San Francisco last year. I found it so moving that when I saw it again at a local OCD week event, I decided to interview the makers of the film for a post. In Unstuck, kids inspire viewers as they share their experiences dealing with OCD. There aren’t any adults in the entire movie!

For more information check out the trailer:

And their website and Facebook page.

Here is the interview.

Where can my readers watch the film? Is it/will it be available for families to stream? (I’ll include a link to your website and FB page.)

Right now, “UNSTUCK: An OCD Kids Movie” is only available for professionals and educators to purchase from New Day Films. Those affiliated with universities can stream it if their school has Kanopy. The way for parents and individuals to see it now is to host a screening and we have information on that at our website.

Did you (parents and/or kids) have any initial worries about so very publicly coming out to the world about OCD? If so, what made you decide to go for it?

Some of the kids needed a little convincing, but not much. They all realized they could help other kids and teens realize they aren’t alone. All the parents were proud to have their kids share and give something back to those who helped them.

How do you and the kids feel now that so many people know about their OCD? What has the response been from others?

What’s been really fun for us to watch is how the “Unstuck kids” have embraced their roles, volunteered to help others and speak at conferences. People who meet and hear them speak in person are blown away by their insights and perspective. It’s powerful to see a kid speak intelligently about how they overcame a major challenge.

What are some of your favorite responses you have received from fans?

After our premiere at the OCD Conference in July, there was a 6-year-old who gave us the biggest bear hug. She squeezed so tight and just said “thank you.” It was a great feeling.

Have you or any of the kids ever been approached in public by someone who had seen the film?

Some of the kids have been stopped for autographs. That type of response is something we never expected!

Do all of you who were featured in the film keep in touch outside of marketing events for the film?

We send out periodic emails and most of the families are active on our Facebook page. The kids have a group chat with each other so they can keep in touch.

What, if any, are your long-term goals for Unstuck?

To get UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie into as many homes, therapists’ offices, and schools as we can. We’ve focused this year on professionals and soon we’ll really push to everyone.

When you agreed to make the film, how many people did you think might see the film? Did you realize it would be seen by so many?

We knew we could get good visibility within the OCD community. But it has helped us that both the International OCD Foundation in the U.S. and OCD Action in the U.K. asked us to speak at their big conferences. Both really boosted our exposure.

Why do you think the film has been so well received?

UNSTUCK meets a need for basic OCD education and we feel it provides hope to kids, parents and even adults with OCD. Having kids explain how they were affected and how they learn to overcome their fears and rituals is an important message that needs to get out.

What is something I and my readers can do to help people with OCD/mental illness if we’re not comfortable sharing that we have OCD/mental illness?

Luckily, there are many people who are fantastic OCD advocates and are educating the world in their own way—The OCD Stories, Anxious Toddlers, Taming Olivia, Treat MY OCD, The Obsessive Outsiders, just to name a few folks to Google.

If you have seen this film, give us your own mini-review! What are the aspects of OCD that you think are most misunderstood and need clarification through productions like this one?

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