An App to Consider: Aura

Aura is a wellness app that’s available for both iPhones and Androids. Like other meditation and wellness apps, it provides tons of features so that you can get the experience that’s best for you.

The content provided is endless. Aura offers guided medications that can be as long or as short as you want – short for the moments that you need a break from an assignment that may be stressing you out, long for the times that you want to unwind before bed. What makes these meditations stand out, however, is that before you begin them, you can tell the app what mood you’re in, and the guided meditation will change based on that.

There are also short stories that you can listen to to distract yourself if you’re stressed and to offer a brief escape to another world. Stories are also a way to help you fall asleep so they can help with that too. The app also has various music stations with calming songs to help you relax, as well as nature sounds if you want something simpler and more natural.

The app is free and has been voted as one of Apple’s top apps. Check it out here!

How do you feel about meditation and wellness apps? Would you consider using Aura? If you do, write about your experience and tell us! 

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