What Makes Someone A Good Member of Your Support System

A key part to improving and getting better while dealing with a mental illness is having a support system. That’s why at SOVA (and WiseSOVA) we are trying to start and build an online community that supports each other. However, a support system can include friends and family.  But when it comes to people how do you know what makes a good support person? Psychology today wrote a great article about what makes someone a good, supportive friend. Being a good supporter to someone is broken down into 3 major components: integrity, caring, and congeniality.

Photo Credit: ohthecuteness via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ohthecuteness via Compfight cc


Trustworthiness – knowing you can share your thoughts and feelings with this person and they won’t talk behind your back or tell others without cause

Dependability – You can count on them to be there for you when you need them, and will support and believe in you even when you can’t believe in yourself

Being able to trust – You feel comfortable being vulnerable with this person


Empathy – Have the ability to understand what is going on with you or/and recognize your feeling and react accordingly

Non-judgmental – Friends are to uplift you, not accept you as you are-even if it is different them

Listening Skills – close communication where you can both share intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences


Fun to be around – you have to genuinely enjoying being around this person.

These are just a few traits to look for when building your support system. The people you surround yourself can impact how you see the world. Knowing that you have supportive, caring, and trustworthy people in your corner to help you through the good and bad times is something everyone should be looking for. Reaching out for help can be difficult to do at times, but if you have a group of people surrounding you, whether in person or through an online community, that are non-judgmental, attentive and trustworthy can make life and its challenges slightly easier.

What are some traits you look for when finding supports in your life?

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