The 5 Signs

The five signs of suffering are:

  • withdrawal
  • agitation
  • hopelessness
  • a decline in personal care
  • a change in personality.

Someone may exhibit one or more signs when they are suffering.

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Perhaps you’ve experienced these yourself or have noticed these in a friend or relative. Suffering can come to us in many ways – perhaps a close friend or relative has moved away or died, or perhaps your own mental illness makes life difficult on a day-to-day basis. Being aware of these 5 signs can be a helpful way to realize when you need to seek help or if you should ask a friend if they need help.

The Campaign to Change Direction is a national organization working to reduce stigma and educate people about mental health, mental illness, and wellness. They are hoping to create a movement around compassionate interactions with each other.

Have you experienced these symptoms? Does it help to know that you are not alone? That your symptoms can be addressed?

Firefly ★

I like to do coloring pages, yoga, and running to help me with my mental health.

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