Is it just a phase?


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So you might feel like things irritate you more than other people? And that sometimes you’d rather be alone and just not hang out with your friends. Aren’t people your age supposed to be moody? You are right – sometimes it can be tough to figure out whether or not you are depressed or its just a phase.

Check out the figure below.

One reason is that mood disorders like depression and bipolar (orange squares) don’t start showing up until you’re around 12 or 13. Issues with anxiety (yellow circles) show up much earlier – things like school phobia or being too scared or worried to go to school. Many kids with anxiety grow up and show signs of depression later on. Behavior problems (blue triangles) are kind of in the middle.


This is one reason why when you are younger – you might not necessarily be able to figure out whether you are someone who will always have problems with your mood or not. What can help is talking to your doctor and following up regularly so that they can give you that outside view on what is the best plan for you. Everyone is different – and even you are different one year to the next!

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