Reel Teens Pittsburgh Facebook Live Town Hall

If it’s your first time to, welcome! Some of you may be just finding out about our site after watching the Reel Teens Pittsburgh Facebook Live Town Hall. The Reel Teens are an awesome group of local young filmmakers who interviewed me, Dr. Radovic, for their film about mental health.  The film features the award-winning work of Stand Together, a peer-to-peer group organized through the Allegheny County’s Office of Behavioral Health. Stand Together encourages local middle and high school students to start talking and thinking about the stigma associated with mental illness and substance use. It’s something we and our SOVA ambassadors write a lot about on SOVA because we want to help young people understand that its okay to ask for help – becoming interdependent (knowing who and when to ask for help), not independent, is the goal of turning into an adult – and we want to help change negative attitudes about mental illness.

Over the next week, we’ll be featuring articles that help answer some of the questions that came up during the Town Hall – and we hope that you will continue the conversation with us and our online community. Make sure you register so that you can log-in and comment – it is essential to helping us keep the site safe and bullying-free.

If you haven’t seen the Reel Teens’ video check it out below:

What did you think of the video? Let us know below!

Dr. Rad ★

Hi, I am the principal investigator in charge of the SOVA Project. I use this profile just to write articles from, but also use the Moderator role when moderating the site along with other professionals experienced in behavioral health.

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