Mindfulness Matters

Have you ever had the scary experience when you’re driving and don’t remember the last few minutes of the drive? Or maybe you can’t remember where you put your pen two minutes ago. Maybe you’ve even gone to a birthday party and left the present at home, sitting right. By. The. Door. I did these things way more often than I should have. I was too caught up in other things to think clearly.

So often, we become consumed with the chaos or stress of everyday life and that can take a huge toll on our mental health. I realized that I needed something to make my life more purposeful, and with more intent. Through my time in therapy, I recently learned about mindfulness and its importance as a lifestyle practice. I used to think mindfulness was full-blown meditation – you know, sitting cross legged and saying “om” while candles flicker in the background. While that can be a very effective technique, that is not all that mindfulness is! You can truly personalize mindfulness and mend it to however you prefer.

I find that drinking my morning cup of coffee and truly enjoying it – smelling the distinct aroma, absorbing the warmth of the cup, savoring each sip – can make me more mindful and create a huge difference in my day. Although I’m no expert by any means, making a lifestyle out of mindfulness will give the most benefits. Applying those intentions to everyday actions can change how you go through life. So, find the best way for you to be mindful and hopefully we always remember the entire drive, find our pen, and never forget the birthday present by the door again!

What are small, everyday things that you enjoy? Would you consider adapting them in a way to practice mindfulness?

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