I Am A Witness

More than one in four children experience bullying in a year.


Photo taken from iwitnessbullying.org

Photo taken from iwitnessbullying.org

And now the first ever emoji created for a social cause is trying to help prevent it.  The campaign – “I Am A Witness” – behind the emoji is trying to empower teens to speak up when they witness bullying online or in texts.  The emoji, which is black and white and shaped like an eye bubble, allows individuals to speak out against bullying and lend support to someone who is being bullied.  The emoji can be posted online or sent through a text message.

Photo taken from http://iwitnessbullying.org/

Photo taken from http://iwitnessbullying.org/

There are several YouTube videos explaining the “I Am A Witness” campaign and their message.

Visit IWitnessBullying for more about the campaign and to review other bullying prevention resources.

What do you think of the “I Am A Witness” campaign?  Have you downloaded the keyboard? Have you ever been a witness to bullying?

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