Coloring Books: A Stress Reliver

In my self-care journey, I have explored many self-care activities to find what works for me, like spending time outdoors, talking to a trusted friend about a problem, a spa day, reading, or just alone time. Some are a little bit costly (getting a facial or my nails don), and other activities are totally free (reading outside, walking, or meditating). I have also discovered certain activities, such as meditation, do not work for me as I can’t stop thinking and does not keep me occupied.

     What does keep my mind occupied is spending time coloring in coloring books. On the surface, it sounds very juvenile, but spending time coloring allows you to reduce stress and improve your focus because your brain is allowed to relax and focus on the task at hand, creating a meditative state. I have this to be very true. Because my mind is focused on making sure to color within the lines, I cannot think about anything else.

  I find coloring books or even paint-by-numbers to be preferable since I do not consider myself very artistic or skilled in any way. I often get intimidated by a blank page. I think coloring books are a great alternative for me.

      Do you find coloring books to be helpful stress relievers? What  activities do you find to be stress- relievers?

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