Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

If you have seen some of my posts, you know I recently moved across the country, graduated from a Master’s program and started a new job all in about one month. This was really overwhelming for me and was a lot of change.

I, unfortunately, don’t always take change with grace. It takes me awhile to adjust and become familiar with my surroundings and my new life. This whole experience has really made me think about how I handle new situations and problems. I now understand that I was really uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. I was very set in the way my life was and I didn’t openly invite change since it made me feel anxious. I don’t like the unknown and being out of my routine. This experience has taught me that I need to work to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Even though I was anxious and uneasy about my new job, new apartment and new city, I think it really forced me to grow as a person. I understand now that I will never grow or learn if I am constantly in situations where I don’t challenge myself. Sometimes being uncomfortable is good and it really helps you learn about who you are and how you handle these difficult situations. I think being uncomfortable over these past few months has made me a more independent person. I am figuring out things on my own, exploring on my own and giving myself the time to adjust. I really appreciate this whole experience for helping me grow as a person.

Was there a time in your life that was really challenging but, you grew when it was over? Are you comfortable being in uncomfortable situations?

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