It’s OK to cry!

As a new school year begins, things are already hectic. Where are my classes? Will my books be expensive? Are my teachers understanding? The questions race by faster than I can handle, and just because the school year is starting doesn’t mean that my other problems just go away.

So I sat down and cried.

In that moment, I felt a great release from all of the stress I was carrying and I just let it flow out. Although crying doesn’t solve my problems or make school any less stressful, it is helpful. It allows me to stop and remember that I am human and things get hard sometimes.

It is okay to cry sometimes. In fact, I would say it’s necessary to cry sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with crying regardless of gender, race, age, etc. Sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and let the tears do their work.

Personally, for me, crying is a way to disconnect from the “real world” and reconsider my priorities. Don’t look at crying as a negative thing! It can be very beneficial and help you find your balance in an unbalanced world.

Next time you feel like you’re holding it in, remember that it’s okay to cry. Cry to yourself, cry to others, cry for help, cry just for the sake of crying. Just make sure that you do cry, because you’ve earned it.

Do you cry often? When was the last time that you cried? How does it feel when you do?

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