Spring is in the Air…Eventually

Winter can feel like it drags on forever, especially when it’s not your favorite time of year. The season is known for not only being not-so-popular, but one that’s harder on mental health given the cold, early sunsets, and barren nature.

johny-goerend-415946-unsplashThis time of year can be even more confusing, since it can feel like the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. It can be really warm and rainy one day, but then super bright yet really cold the next. If you like one type of weather more than the other, the back-and-forth can affect your mood.

This back-and-forth and the unpredictable weather can get frustrating. It can confuse your closet, the temperature of your classrooms and work, and your body if you have seasonal allergies. It may even affect and confuse your mental health. You may feel excited, for example, when you see that you only have to wear a light jacket and optimistic that springtime is finally here, but a snowstorm the next day might bring you down.

biegun-wschodni-18125-unsplashEven though there may be all kinds of whiplashes going on, the weather is just one way of reminding us that life isn’t always consistent. Highs and lows in how we feel are just as natural as the change in weather, and though the lows may seem like they’re going on forever or you’re stuck with them for good, there will always be peeks of the good to remind you that it isn’t permanent and changes are coming soon. The sun will shine longer, the world will look a little more colorful, and things will start to feel a little warmer.

Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th, and the clocks don’t jump ahead another hour until the 10th, but the first signs are starting to appear. It may just be a tease, and it may feel temporary, but it’s a reminder that change is still on its way, and with that, a refresh.

How do you feel about spring? How do you feel when the weather goes back-and-forth? Does it affect your mood?

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