Author: red9995


Wasted Time: Take a Break!

Last semester was a long semester. It proved to be daunting and challenging, with the feeling of being overwhelmed constantly looming overhead. Due dates, part-time job, eating healthy – all of these things add up being a burden on our mental health.


Oranges for Anxiety

The past few weeks have been particularly rough for me in regards to my anxiety. I’ve been experiencing a range of slight nervousness to full on panic attacks. You probably have had similar experiences. In the middle of a panic attack, it’s difficult to stay grounded and rationalize your behavior.


It’s OK to cry!

As a new school year begins, things are already hectic. Where are my classes? Will my books be expensive? Are my teachers understanding? The questions race by faster than I can handle, and just because the school year is starting doesn’t mean that my other problems just go away. So I sat down and cried.