When I was at my lowest point, I was completely lost. I felt like I no longer knew who I was anymore. I would look at old photographs and think of the younger version of myself who was so full of optimism and passion and wonder where that girl went. In order to try and help myself heal, I decided that I had to start doing things that I used to do that made me happy. With that being said, I began writing. I have always loved writing. Reading poetry inspired me to write my story in poems as a healing mechanism.

I wrote a free verse poem below to help inspire you to continue to be yourself.



There is a reason thunder comes before lightning
Your outside beauty means nothing compared to the voice you hold

Let what is in your heart rumble
Let it be loud and heard by all
Like the rolling thunder

Pour out your passion like the rain
Hard and heavy

What you say, think and feel is important
Don’t stay quiet about what matters to you just because some people are afraid to get wet
Remember what some run inside to avoid is the same thing flowers need to grow

Those who dread the storm may be some of the first to admire the rainbow that follows
If that happens,
When that happens,
Illuminate your true colors even brighter

You can impact people from the start of the clouds you choose to roll in
Up until the time the sun starts to peak out
Don’t worry about when people choose to appreciate the changing colors in the sky

You have the opportunity to be the perfect storm, so let it downpour.

Did you identify with this blog post and poem? Have you ever felt this way, and what was your healing mechanism?

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