Love to Travel

Do you daydream of crystal blue waters, endless streets bursting with culture and history, and beautiful mountains expanding miles behind the horizon? Is your mouth watering at the thought of authentic southern spices and sauces, fresh island fruits, and Mediterranean dishes to warm your soul? Odds are, you are not alone!

Why is it that we find ourselves always craving the next trip, even if we have just returned from one? It’s not that we don’t appreciate where we’ve been or where we are, because we do. It’s simply human nature to desire things like adventure, escape, and fresh perspectives. So how can we cultivate those cravings? Given the opportunity, try to travel more! It is good for your mind and body, and it allows us to learn more about ourselves by trying new things.

1. Adventure. Going on a trip allows us to explore new terrain and step outside our comfort zone.  From the airport to the destination, you begin learning new things about the area’s culture, music, food, art, and activities. By immersing yourself in that culture, you learn to appreciate different things you may not have tried otherwise. Whether it’s zooming through the Everglades on an airboat, or walking around the heart of the nation’s capital, choose things that allow you to find joy everywhere.

2. Escape. Whether it’s a break from school, or time off from work, traveling is a great way to fill those gaps. Escaping to a different time zone or climate allows or our bodies to be present somewhere completely different that what were used to. If that alteration is positive, we learn that we have a curious soul and might seek a new landscape every once in a while. It’s important to keep in mind though, that more than escaping, we may sometimes wish to go back home. And that is totally okay! Sometimes that helps us appreciate what we have, more than what we think we need.

3. Fresh perspectives. Are you traveling solo? Maybe you realize how much you are capable of on your own. Maybe you gain more respect for yourself and your own maturity. Are you traveling with a significant other? Maybe you dive deeper into what makes your relationship so strong and really appreciate your love for one another. Maybe you discover the importance of balancing that with lighthearted fun. And finally, are you traveling with close family or friends? Maybe you take this time to show gratitude for those who are important to you. Maybe you make memories that will last a lifetime.

All of this is to say that traveling can be a bountiful experience. It is an opportunity to learn, have fun, relax, and enjoy. No matter how many or how few trips there are in life, each one is a blessing and a chance to grow. It’s also important to recognize that spicing up our lives with a step outside of reality can be really fun and exciting, but sometimes the comforts of home call us. If travel isn’t an option at the moment, we can still gain the benefits of adventure, escape, and fresh perspectives through other things! We can try new dishes at home, engage in unique sports, and find things in everyday life that inspire us.

Traveling is different for everybody. But in my opinion, it’s helped me find myself and what my passions are. I’ve associated traveling with phrases like “I can do this” and “wow, I never thought I would try that.” I hope to continue traveling as long as I am able, but I also know there is always a place I can come home to.

What do you value about traveling? What are some ways that you try to gain fresh new perspectives?

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