20 Activities for When You Need Some Relaxation

You don’t need me to tell you that this year has been a very stressful time. With the year coming to a close, I want to take the opportunity to find some techniques that will help me take a step back and work on relaxing and be more mindful. If you ever feel like you are getting stressed or overwhelmed, try one of these activities and see how it can help!

Take a warm bath

Listen to your favorite music


Take some deep/slow breaths for a couple minutes

Try a 10 minute yoga video

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate

Take a walk or get some other type of exercise

Make yourself a healthy snack

Talk to a family member or friend for 10 minutes

Journal and write down your thoughts

Do a crossword puzzle or word-search

Light your favorite candle/essential oil

Squeeze on a stress ball (or a bunched up washcloth)

Read a chapter of a good book

Bake a pie or some cookies

Watch an episode of your favorite TV show

Do a craft or DIY project

Listen to a podcast

Do a full body stretch

Take a quick nap

Some of my favorite relaxation techniques are going to the gym, listening to music/podcasts and taking a warm bath. These activities help me re-center my thoughts and focus on clearing my head for awhile.

How do you like to de-stress and be able to continue to conquer all of your daily activities? Have you ever tried anything from this list? What has helped you more than others?

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