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Getting Involved

There are a number of nonprofits, organization, and campaigns that focus on mental health. Some talk about mental health as a whole, some focus on specific demographic and minority groups, and many are centered...


Hobbies Help Keep Away the Summer Blues

Summertime is something students look forward to all year. But some people develop the “summer blues.” For these people, the summer’s brutal heat, bright light, and long days can contribute to depression. Also, when...


Good News Network

The Good News Network is a site that features a whole bunch of positive, uplifting stories multiple times a day which makes me, at least, feel confident in people and often leaves me with...


Are you bored?

Then Do Something! Dosomething.org is a great website to show the world what you really care about. It is a website where young people 13 to 25 can get involved in different activities for social change....


Positive Ways to Use Social Media

  We tend to always hear about the negative aspects of social media, but sometimes, it has the power to make the world a better place- IF you use it correctly! Although social media can be...


Love Letters from Do Something

DoSomething.org is a social movement site that uses easy steps to help change the world. We recently came across the Love Letters campaign and wanted to share it with you! Love Letters is a campaign...


Be Yourself

Featured Photo Credit: Valeri Pizhanski via Compfight cc What is your advice to strangers? Let us know below!