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Tips on using Social Media

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Apps Monitoring Mental Health

These researchers explain that the way we use smartphones and if we change habits can indicate if something is happening, such as typing speed and word choice, and the number of ways can be...

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Instagram Invites

Using the internet to send invitations have come a long way since the earlier days of social media. The original “Evite” dates back to 1998 and can still be used, where flashy animations describing...

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Current Habits in Social Media

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center published a new report about teenagers and how they use social media. It can feel like these sorts of reports and the stories that follow can occur way too...

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Monitoring Time on Instagram

There’s no doubt about it, Instagram is incredibly popular. As one of the most frequently used sites among adolescents, it’s easy to get sucked into the endless photos and videos, as well as the...

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A Smartphone-Less Week

Have you ever wanted to try going off the grid for a while, or even just wanted to see what happens if you didn’t have your phone on you, period? We’ve talked in the...