When To Be Done With Therapy

There are two big questions when discussing therapy: when do I start and when am I done. Most people start therapy when they feel the need to talk to someone and get an unbiased opinion. Therapy can help us get an outside view of our situations and options to work through those situations. I personally have had great results when talking to a therapist since they bring me out of my own head to realize the full picture. Once I got into therapy and have been working through my problems, my focus then switched to knowing when you are done with therapy. I do think that you are never fully done with therapy since you can learn different techniques to help yourself after being seen with your therapist.

Here are some signs you are ready to be done seeing a therapist and take your own therapy into your hands!

  • you are having more positive thoughts and behaviors
  • you can recognize the problem areas and actively think how to work through them
  • you have effective coping strategies
  • you don’t have much to talk about with your therapist anymore
  • you feel good about the process and are ready to move forward

Again, when you are done with a therapist, it is never a goodbye! They are always there to help when they are needed, but it is important to recognize and celebrate that progress when you are able to help yourself.

What are some ways you maintain progress with therapy? Have you ever completed therapy or wrapped up seeing a therapist? If so, what was that experience like?

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