Weekend Reads: How is Gen Z Coping with COVID?

Experiencing a historical event is no doubt affecting everyone, but the effect it has on youths and adolescents are significantly stronger. During these pivotal developmental periods when it comes to building relationships, receiving an education, and exploring who they want to be, the pandemic and its effects such as quarantine, anxieties about the future, and so on almost makes it feel like all this progress is at a sudden halt. 

This long weekend, we wanted to highlight a few articles that have polled and interviewed adolescents about how they’re coping, feeling, and thinking about the future because of COVID. These include articles about humor and memes, an honest admission about uncertainty and panic, and even about how the way we dress can change. Check them out below:

COVID-19 Might Change The Way We Dress Forever

It’s OK to Find Humor in Some of This

We Asked Millennials and Gen Z How They’re Coping With the Pandemic. Here’s What They Said

The Pulse of Gen Z in the Time of COVID-19

How are you coping with COVID? What are things that you think that are going to change for you as we slowly but eventually transition back into somewhat of a familiar routine before the pandemic hit?

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