Take a Walk in the Park

You may notice more people outside as the weather starts getting warmer and days get longer. There is something so refreshing about being able to walk outside for the first time without layers of clothing on and having the warm sun hitting your skin.

The warm weather and sunshine having a positive effect on your mood isn’t new information. Being outside is proven to decrease stress and calm your heart rate. Visiting green spaces and parks is proven to be even more beneficial to your mental health. Access to green space as a child is even associated with a lower risk of psychiatric disorders. Parks in cities have shown improvements in well-being after a short visit, and just 20 minutes spent at your favorite park may improve the quality of your life. The best part is you can do anything while outdoors, whether it be taking a walk, reading, or talking with a friend on the swings. Simply around nature and green space (especially in a city and more industrial environment) can make the biggest difference.

While midterms and assignments cause your stress levels to increase, trying to spend even the smallest amount of time outside, will make a big difference! When you feel particularly stressed, put your earbuds in, play something light, and spend 20 minutes walking around your neighborhood. You may find yourself breathing a little easier and feeling refreshed and ready to tackle that assignment (or multiple assignments!).

Do you live near a park? Are there any green spaces around you that you have, or would want to, walk around in for stress relief? What are your favorite activities to do outside?

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