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Staying Clean with Coping Skills

It is not uncommon for people who once used self-harm as an unhealthy coping skill to deal with urges and thoughts of relapse. It becomes especially hard to combat those urges when faced with a triggering situation.


How Facebook Tries to Prevent Suicide

Healthcare professionals and government officials have been confronting suicide for years by implementing various self-harm and suicide prevention programs. Now, social-media companies like Facebook are taking part in the fight against suicide—by using artificial intelligence (AI). Companies that run social...


Self Injury

Trigger Warning: Self Harm  This is a personal story of recovery that was shared with a SOVA team member. Have you ever seen a classmate or friend walking around wearing a long-sleeve shirt even...


Why I Stopped Self Harming

Trigger Warning: Self Harm  I recently found this article called 8 Brutally Honest Reasons I’ve Stopped Self-Harming and I found it to be very interesting and honest. Self Harm is something that many adolescents struggle with daily...