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The Challenges Faced by LGBT Youth

Hi everyone! This is my second blog post for SOVA (read more about my first blog post: Mental Health in Your Family Tree), and I just wanted to tell everyone that I’ve read some awesome...

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Love is Respect

You’ve heard it before — love is respect. But where can you go for support when a loving relationship has become a relationship without respect? Loveisrespect is a website with endless resources for those in an abusive relationship...

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We Stop Hate

We Stop Hate is an inspiring program that was started by a teenage girl who was constantly bullied by classmates and peers. She was inspired to make the world a better place for teens everywhere,...

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Love is Louder

Love is Louder is a movement powered by the Jed Foundation, MTV, and the actress Brittany Snow to create a supportive and welcoming community for those feeling alone or mistreated.  The website allows you to view photos, videos,...


8 Signs of Respectful Love

When considering a potential partner or whether to stay in a relationship or not, there are several questions you should ask yourself. One extremely important question is, “Does this person truly respect me?” Mutual respect...

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How to Become Extraordinary

When you are generous with who you are, people vibrate with that, they feel it, they sense it, and they’re surprised by it! What most resonated with you in this video? How have people...

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How to Be Happy

Sometimes common sense isn’t common practice!  What did you think of this video? What really struck a cord with you?

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The Simple Joy of a Dog and their Ball

Recently, the Brazil Open in São Paulo used four former stray dogs taken in by a shelter as “ball dogs” to retrieve tennis balls from the court during a match between Spain’s Roberto Carbelles Baena and...