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Advice from a Psychologist on Being Quarantined

I’m sure we’ve all been looking for solace in writing about the situation we’re all dealing with. I know that for those with anxiety, depression, or any other mental illnesses are feeling much more stress than usual. I myself deal with anxiety and have really had to adjust to this situation.


Quarantine and Motivation

Since everything has changed around us, I find myself in a “motivational funk.” I find it hard to focus on my online school, keep up with my studies and even write this blog post. My mind is just in other places and its hard not to think about and worry about the things going on in the world around us.


Quarantine and mental health

When quarantine first began, my head wasn’t fully wrapped around on what was happening. I honestly thought that it would be more of a time where I would get two weeks out of school...


How Mental Health Affects Second-Generation Adolescents

The demographics in the United States have shifted significantly. The Pew Research Center reported that there were 44.4 million immigrants living in the country in 2017, making up 13.6% of the total population. The increase in the immigrant population in the United States also means an increase in second-generation Americans – those who are born in the United States to immigrant parents (some people may also refer to these people as first-generation Americans, however).


How Siblings Can Affect Your Mental Health

No two sibling relationships are the same. Some may not see theirs very often, while others see them all the time and share the same room. Some only have one, while others have enough to count on both hands. There are some who may hate a sibling, while others see a sibling as their best friend (and honestly, a lot of us feel both of these feelings towards one at the same time!).


Expressing and Feeling Grief

You may have seen an article from the Harvard Business Review floating around your social media sites recently. If not, this article puts a name to one of the many emotions you’re likely feeling right now as everything has turned upside down: grief.


Transitioning to Therapy Virtually

Telehealth isn’t new. With technology advancing and becoming more accessible, telehealth has evolved with it. Having an alternative access to a doctor, therapist, public health professional, or any other kind of medical expert makes a huge difference.


Crush Your Goals

Being in school and having a lot on my plate, I need to keep myself organized and accountable. To do this, I often set goals for what I need to do and when I need to accomplish that goal. It helps me focus on what is important and not forget anything.