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Challenging Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions are negative thought patterns that often lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Distortions are typically conclusions that we jump to without considering all of the available evidence. They can be irrational...


The Fury (of sounds)

Do you remember that post about ASMR? Well, we’re taking off the gloves today — or perhaps we’re putting them on — because now it is all about the sounds that might be harming...


“Is It My Fault?”

A common mindset among those who are diagnosed with mental illnesses is wondering if it’s something that they brought onto themselves. There may be guilt associated with it, like the person thinking they did...


A Minority in Mental Health: Asian Americans

The “model minority stereotype” of Asian Americans perceives them to be hardworking, and academically, economically, and socially successful when compared to all other racial minority groups. Because of this, Asian Americans are assumed to...


Why Do We Like Getting Scared?

Whether it’s celebrating on the first day of Autumn, the entire month of October, or just on Halloween, it’s not just the time for posting photos of changing leaf colors and apple picking, but...


Sounds (and fury)

Note: this post has nothing to do with William Faulkner or Shakespeare, though if you’re adding to your collection of facts for trivia night, check out the above links. This post considers sounds —...


Difficulty with Diagnoses

If your doctor tells you that you may be depressed, what does that really mean? Maybe some of the “symptoms” you have could be from something else like: trouble adjusting to a new situation at school or home...


Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

October 10th was Indigenous Peoples Day 2022. Here some links to find mental health resources for indigenous communities and read/watch stories from indigenous youth IndigiLOVE Campaign – We R Native This resource is created...


Be More Productive

It always seems like there is a never-ending to-do list. This list can be memorialized in your mind palace, various techy gadgets, or on paper. We all need this list to keep track of our many tasks and obligations related to school, work, family, and friends. Sometimes, it can feel good to always have something to work on or even to look forward to. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when an item is checked off my to-do list. While it gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward, this can become excessive and detrimental if I do not set boundaries.


Taking Breaks When They Are Needed

I want to share the importance of taking breaks and accepting when you need a break. We often overwork ourselves. And to be honest, that is totally okay! I always feel like I’m in a state of overworking myself, tired, anxious, and in the horrible stages of burnout. That is all before I started taking breaks and building them into my day-to-day routine. Breaks are a good way to switch your brain on and off from different tasks and practice self-care.