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Why Does Anxiety Disrupt Our Sleep Before a Big Event?

The situation may be all too familiar: you have an important event coming up, or worse, happening the very next day. It’s a job interview, a big test, the playoffs for the sport you play, a move to a new apartment, the start of a significant school year. No matter what it is, you can’t seem to sleep, like, at all. Your body is waking you up throughout the night, or it might not let you go to sleep at all, and you’re just lying there, trying to keep your eyes closed in your dark room despite being fully conscious.


It’s Okay to Want Attention

There are several reasons why people may be hesitant when it comes to opening up about mental health, and especially mental illness. Stigma still plays a large part, while others may feel that what they’re experiencing “isn’t that bad” and that others have it worse, so it’s not worth bringing up.


Understanding When You “Over” Work

To be honest, I think that we all to a degree overwork ourselves in the sense that we focus too much on work, school, or something else that may be our livelihood, and then we lose focus or mental clarity, and then worst of them all produce bad quality work. I’m the first to vouch that the pandemic made me turn to work as an escape, and I thought I overworked before the pandemic, but unfortunately the pandemic made it get worse. I counted during the pandemic eight different jobs & side hustles I picked up and was working at the same time, and yes, the money and experience was great…but was it sustainable for my mental and physical health? NO! 


Seeking Help to Give Help

Mental health is a topic very close to me. I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I started a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling that I was ready to get the help I needed. It took me a long time to accept that I needed help and that I was not able to cope as well as I thought I was. Wanting to be a counselor made me realize that I have to take care of myself first before I can effectively help others with their mental health struggles.


The Hunger-Depression Cycle

We all feel some kind of way about food. You may have heard the phrase that some live to eat, while others eat to live. While it’s a necessity, some find pleasure in eating, or at the very least, taking photos of food that looks nice to post on social media.


A New Chapter

I have had A LOT going on the past month. All within a couple weeks, I graduated from my Master’s program, took and passed my medical boards, moved across the country and started a new adult job! To say I am a little overwhelmed is an understatement.


Sports and Their Effects on Mental Health

You’ve probably heard it before: exercise and moving around can do a lot for your mental health. It’s a great form of stress relief, helps get your mind off of things, and of course, has benefits for your physical health too.


Pursuing Passions Even When Your Busy

This is something only for the past year since the pandemic started that I really tried to make more of an effort on: to make sure you’re pursuing activities and hobbies you are passionate about even when it feels like you don’t have time, and all in all that is to ensure you do not burn out from overworking and stress.