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New to the Blog, New to Blogging

Hi, guys! This is my first blog post ever. After a suggestion from my therapist to write about living with major depressive disorder, I came across SOVA and thought I should give it a try since I found writing to be therapeutic in the past.


“Is It My Fault?”

A common mindset among those who are diagnosed with mental illnesses is wondering if it’s something that they brought onto themselves. There may be guilt associated with it, like the person thinking they did...


Grrr! Irritability And What It Means

Listen to this scenario and see if it sounds familiar: some people are really annoying. Other people just don’t mind their own business. Why is that person staring at me? Why won’t my friend text...


Who Are You?

What words describe you? If someone did not know you at all—how would you describe yourself? You could probably make a long list of things. People are not one-dimensional. And even if most of...



Some people are really annoying, right? Other people just don’t mind their own business. What is that person looking at? What is their problem? What is up with this phone…shirt…car…computer…nothing works right. Everything always...