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The Art and Harm of Subtweeting

The art of subtweeting isn’t a particularly difficult one. It involves posting something on social media (regardless of its name being based off of Twitter) that’s most likely negative, most likely about someone you know, but always indirect. No names are mentioned, no handles are included, and the post is passive-aggressive, rarely specific, but hints that someone has offended the original poster. Think things like “I hope you remember what you did,” “Lol. Pathetic,” or maybe even “God, can you stop subtweeting?”


The Social Aspect of Online Gaming

Video games have become much more interactive than they used to be. If you wanted to play with others, they would have to physically be there, with up to four players sharing the same console...


What to do if you are cyberbullied?

Adults are not the only ones who can take action against cyberbullying or communicating false, embarrassing, or hostile information online.  Together, adolescents with adults can do something. However, first it is important to note ssome...