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5 Ways to Keep a Level Head for the Start of School

With the splendor of summer coming to an end and the stress of the school year following shortly behind, it’s important we maintain our sanity and stability through these busy transitions.  One way we can help keep our anxiety levels low during this time is by creating and consistently maintaining self-care routines before our schedules get crazy.  Then, when things do start to pick up, our self-care is already built into our daily lives.  



While they may seem cheesy at first, affirmations can be pretty powerful. Self-affirmations are sayings that people say aloud with confidence about things that they are trying to believe in. By saying these frequently,...


Gmorning, Gnight!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of my biggest role models – he’s such an uplifting and inspiring person! As an actor, musician, writer, producer, and activist, some of his accomplishments include writing and starring in...