taylor-smith-605201-unsplashWhile they may seem cheesy at first, affirmations can be pretty powerful. Self-affirmations are sayings that people say aloud with confidence about things that they are trying to believe in. By saying these frequently, out loud, and with assurance and confidence, it can help people believe in the very things that there are saying, making it come true.

It’s simple: find a phrase that you think is something you either need to hear or would feel really happy hearing from a loved one. From there, say it aloud whenever. It can be as a part of your morning routine while fixing up your hair, or something you quietly say out loud to yourself before doing an activity that may stress you out.

There are tons of affirmations available online. Some are common phrases too – you may have heard of people saying “I am good enough” or “I can do this.” You don’t have to stick to these though. Affirmations are meant to just for you and the things you want to believe in, and a way to fake it until you make it.

Do you have any affirmations? What are some that you say to yourself?

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