Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated is not just important for your physical health, but can have substantial benefits for your mental health and your mood too. This is especially important now during the late spring and summer, where the heat and humidity can make it even easier to get dehydrated. The sluggishness of the upcoming summertime along with the lack of motivation that can come with mental illness symptoms can make it difficult to get enough water throughout the day, making the dehydration effects even worse.

If you’re someone who enjoys organizing and keeping track of your goals and habits, you may find yourself benefiting from apps that help you monitor your water-drinking habits too. There are a variety out there, such is the case of the endless app market. Some include cute animations and graphics to make the app more enjoyable, while some are more straightforward so you can log the amount you have drank and close it right away. Most apps are customizable in some sort of way too. Whatever you choose, we hope that it might help you build and sustain a new habit.

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What are your water drinking habits like? What are other ways do you think you can get more water in? How do you feel when you’re dehydrated? Do you use apps to monitor any of your habits?

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