Being Discerning with your Facebook Friends

We recently found this article on WikiHow about how to cultivate a really supportive friends list on your social media accounts – Facebook is specifically mentioned, but this could be used for any Social Media outlet. The steps they list are all detailed on the website but we’ve included the main points of them here:

  1. Ponder over the fact that the ideal human tribe number is thought to be about 150
  2. Think about the benefits of reducing the numbers of friends in your Facebook environment
  3. Value your time
  4. Reflect on what “friend” means to you
  5. Consider all the other things you’d rather be doing than pretending to like someone else’s Facebook updates, photos, ideas, whatever
  6. Cull your so-called Facebook friends by being discerning
  7. Set aside an afternoon to go through your friends list the first time
  8. Decline friend requests like there is no tomorrow

How many facebook “friends” do you have? How many of those people do you actually *like* and want to interact with? How many of them do you want to know about your life? Have you ever done a friend’s list clean-out? How did it feel afterwards? Are there any downsides to cutting out friends and how would you deal with them?


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