Sickness and School

As fall is coming around, more and more people are beginning to get sick. For students, this can make everything a bit more difficult. Feeling drowsy, congested, or dry makes everyday activities like waking up and attending class more challenging.

Many students try to fight their sickness while also doing their coursework. While this “power through” mindset can work for mild symptoms, it can often backfire. I have seen many friends who really just need to take a day off refuse to do so and face worse consequences than if they took a brief break from their activities. By choosing not to take a break, your body will take on even more stress than what it is already under by being sick in the first place. 

I would encourage everyone to prioritize your health. This means that if you are feeling under the weather or sick, it is best to take half a day or a day off to fully reset, and then go back about your life. This will help your health improve as well as your academic performance. Remember, your personal well being should always come before anything else!

Have you ever struggled with balancing health and school/work? How do you prioritize your health?

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