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100 Happy Days

Have you heard of 100 happy days? The idea is to take a picture every day of something that makes you happy. What’s the point?  When you try to find something each day that...

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Tips For Improving Your Journaling Practice

In a previous blog, one of our adolescent blogging ambassadors talked about some benefits of journaling. The practice of journaling regularly has physical benefits—for example, it really helps strengthen the immune system! Emotionally, it helps us organize our thoughts,...

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Balancing Work and Mental Health

A major part of adolescence and young adulthood is finding and keeping a job. When struggling with anxiety or depression, this can create obstacles to being successful in your work. Many questions can arise:...

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Self-care: Why exercise?

Self-care is all about improving ourselves, having more energy and being more satisfied with the events happening in and around us. Self-care involves a daily routine to achieve these goals by implementing the three core methods...

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Mindfulness, explained

The term “mindfulness” is kicked around a lot lately. Trying to figure out what it means, and how it can help can be overwhelming. Here’s a short video that explains mindfulness in a simple,...

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Your Today

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” -Alexander Wolcott We would love to hear about your day in the comments!


Healthy Peer Relationships

Relationships with peers are an important part of life. There are many different kinds of relationships young people can have with their peers –including friendships, dating relationships. But as with all human relationships, issues...