Mental Health Day 2022

Mental health day is coming up on October 10th, 2022. Mental Health Day is an international day for mental health education, awareness and advocacy. The holiday was first started in 1992 by an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health. The day is meant to raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigmas surrounding mental illness, and encourage workplaces, institutions, and individuals to prioritize their mental health.

Even though the national holiday is celebrated in October, everyday should be a day to be aware and advocate for mental health! I personally like to take the time during Mental Health Day to reflect on how I am doing as well as check in on family and friends. It is a good day to remind everyone that you care! For more information on Mental Health Day 2022, the link to the world health website is below.

Are you going to celebrate world mental health day? Do you recognize your own mental health daily?

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