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Usually, we listen to podcasts to get some sort of information. It might be the news, entertainment, or education, but whatever kinds of podcasts you listen to (if you do listen to them), you probably do so with the intention of paying attention so you can get something out of it. 

Because of this, podcasts aren’t often our first reference for something to relax to. It might be for some – you might not even pay attention to podcasts, instead using them to have voices in the background while you focus on something else, for example. However, podcasts likely include multiple, louder voices having a conversation, which doesn’t necessarily create the most relaxing atmosphere.

That being said, meditation podcasts are still a thing. We’ve covered a ton of meditation apps before, which usually do include some sort of guided voice narrating you through breathing exercises or a mindfulness activity. The podcasts that we’ve gathered below for you to check out perform the same or similar sessions, but don’t require any external downloading. Some also provide information about mental health and mindfulness. Mindfulness done through podcasts episodes also means that new episodes are always being released so that there’s always something new to meditate on.

Check them out!

The Meditation Podcast

Mindful Meditations

Meditation Minis


Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones do you listen to, and why do you like them? Would you consider listening to podcasts about mental health?

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