Coloring Books for Mental Health

Photo Credit: rmbthelemon via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: rmbthelemon via Compfight cc

How do you cope with depression and anxiety in the moment?  Recently, there has been a movement in adult coloring books!  Many people find the details of the images in the coloring book to be relaxing and meditative.  Plus, you can find so many coloring books for so many different pictures!  There have been a few articles published about the movement in the past year, and we liked this one in particular.

ColoringBook1 ColoringBook2

You can find many free printable coloring pages available, such as these from Popsugar, with a simple google search!  Try one out and tell us what you think!

There are also smart phone apps for easy coloring on the go, just search your app store to find a free one.

Have you tried coloring to calm down an anxiety attack or just to unwind?  If not, would you be interested in doing it?  Tell us about it!



Firefly ★

I like to do coloring pages, yoga, and running to help me with my mental health.

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