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      What questions do you have about starting, changing, or stopping medication? Do you have any concerns with medication? This could be about the stigma in medication, not knowing what’s best for you, or being afraid of talking to others about it.

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       Please speak with your doctor if you are seriously considering starting or changing your medication. Although SOVA is here to help provide information, the moderators and users are not giving professional medical advice.

      As a reminder, please make sure to stay anonymous. Please do not share any information which can identify you like: your name, where you live, your contact information, or other personal details.

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      I realize that medicine is a great tool and it works absolute wonders for some people. In my experience, I have unfortunately been misdiagnosed with different mental health conditions, which further leads to the wrong medicines being prescribed. For a good 3 years, I was taking antidepressants for co-occuring anxiety/depression when it turned out I had bipolar disorder all along, and these pills were making me feel worse for this reason. Always remember to play an active roll in your diagnosis and prescription process; give yourself more credit for what you know about your own body and mind.

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      I realize this response is quite late to the original post, but preach! Doctors are certainly experts in their fields but they also are trying to understand something within your mind! You must be willing to be active in your diagnosis in order to get the best treatment possible. The doctor can only know as much as you tell them, so be open with your experiences. They are there to help you.

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