Tips on talking to parents

Sometimes you might want to know what your parent or guardian thinks about something, but you’re just afraid of what will happen if you bring it up? Will they get mad? Will they lecture you? Will they not let you do something you really want to do? These worries can make you really not want to talk.parent-talk

This article from WebMD offers some useful tips on how to talk to parents. Its written for girls but the tips can apply to both!

One of the cool tips is sending out a “trial balloon.” Maybe you want to talk to your parents that your relationship with a significant other is getting more serious. You could try mentioning a friend who has been dating someone for awhile to get the conversation started slowly and see what they think in general.

Remember if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your parent about something important, you should see what a trusted adult thinks. Friends can be great but they don’t have the life experience to always give you the right advice. You can always talk to your primary care doctor in private. The law protects your confidentiality and your doctor can always help you talk to your parent about uncomfortable topics.

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