How long to take medications

Photo Credit: Dogan Kokdemir via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Dogan Kokdemir via Compfight cc

Before you read this post, remember that what is below might not apply to everyone – it is important to always discuss medication decisions with your doctor. Every situation is unique.

If you take medications for depression or anxiety and you are feeling much better, you might want to know if you can stop your medications cold turkey. Not a good idea, and let me explain why.
Stopping cold turkey will jolt your body and will likely result in withdrawal symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, headache, and muscle spasms. Stopping cold turkey will also increase your chances of relapse. That means that all of a sudden you could feel bad again like you did before you started the medication.
Even if you are feeling great, you still need to take your medicine every day. Studies show that when a young person gets better with treatment, continuing to take the medication that worked for around 9 months or longer -after remission can make sure you stay in recovery. Remission is no symptoms and full functioning for at least 8 weeks; in other words, it is recommended to continue medication for 9 months after this 8-week remission period.

You are doing amazing. You made it this far and you don’t want to lose anything that you’ve gained.

Even though you feel great! And you “feel like your old self again” it is important take your medications. Remember that recovery has many ups and downs, and full recovery takes time. It is not uncommon for your road to recovery to be a bumpy ride. Staying on your medications for at least 9 months after remission is one way to prevent unwanted extra bumps along the way to full recovery.

You can do this. I know you can.

Being aware and alert to your symptoms returning is also crucial. You should never be scared to ask a loved one, friend, or doctor for help if you notice yourself feeling bad. It is also a good idea to make your family aware of what’s going on so they can be a second check and notice if your symptoms start to return.

How do you remember to take medications you need for your health?

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