Getting Outdoors + Photo Contest!


Many of you may have happy memories of hours spent playing outside as kids. As we grow into adolescents and adults, we have more responsibilities with school and work that often keep us indoors. However, spending time in nature can be a wonderful way to destress from these responsibilities and refresh your mind. Research shows that being outdoors increases vitality (physical and mental energy) leaving us feeling less stressed and more clear-headed.  In particular, individuals with depression often experience boosts in their mood after spending time in nature.

Looking to spend more time outdoors? Try a simple walk around your neighborhood, share a picnic with family and friends, or read in the park.

If you spend some time outdoors this weekend, be sure to snap a photo to submit to our Nature Photo Contest! Check out the infographic below for details.

What’s your favorite activity to do outside or in nature? Have you ever noticed how being outside or in nature has affected your well-being?

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