Dealing with Cancelations

As many of other people have probably first-handedly experienced this, there are many summer festivities being cancelled as a result of the current pandemic. There are concerts people have been waiting for months to go to that are being cancelled in split seconds. There are festivals people had made hotel arrangements for, family trips, summer vacations with friends, and beach trips that are now having to be postponed until a later month or even year.

These events that people have been waiting months for, are now being pushed back, making people wait even longer. It is frustrating and annoying, but also it is sad. I have seen a lot of emotions results because of the limitations of activities we are able to do. It is especially difficult to be told to stay at home because the weather is getting nicer as well. It is frustrating to have events constantly being cancelled when it really is no longer under one’s control.

Being able to cope with this constant unexpectedness is something that is now a part of my days. I have to realize and understand that I am not alone in dealing with these restrictions. In a more positive light, I’ve been able to appreciate the environment I’m in more. I take advantage of the outdoors and fresh air. I have found it very helpful to be able to go for a walk or just to step outside and clear my head. The ability to focus on something other than what is causing the anxiety, or the stress, or the feelings of overwhelmingness that consume you. When I step outside, I hear the cars that drive by, the dog that’s barking next door, and the kids playing across the street. I am not focusing on the list of things that I need to do during the day for a few minutes.

Being outdoors sometimes makes me reminisce on the days where there were relatively few worries. The days where you did not have to worry about school, or paying for bills, or what jobs you were going to apply for. I think spending time outdoors is something that should be done more among people in our society. Our days are already so consumed by technology, it gives our minds a rest for a least a little while.

Although there is a lot of negative going on it seems, with the pandemic and summer time events being cancelled. It’s important to still see positive in certain everyday activities. There does not always have to be some big event to make your day something special and to make you happy. It is the little things, like going for a walk or going for a bike ride, or sitting on my deck, to help ease my anxiety during stressful and unpredictable times.

What are things that you were looking forward to that were cancelled as a result of COVID? Have you been spending more time outdoors? 

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